AI Prime Hydra 26 Mount on a Rimmed Tank?

I use AI lights on all my tanks. They are super easy to program and there are tons of setting you can get online from other amazing reefers in an effort to duplicate their success.

My first AI prime was on my BioCube. It worked wonders.

When building my new system, I naturally looked for AI lights. For my 65 Gallon Predator Reef, I decided to go with two Hydra 26 lights. I bought the goose arms, bought the lights but it didn't work. Like many reviews online, the mounts simply were not stable on my standard Aqueon/Marineland rimmed tank. The reason it doesn't work is because there is space between the tank and the mount so the mount can't get a secure clamp. I tried a DIY solution using a cheap piece of accrylic from Amazon to no avail.

Well, it turns out AI is aware of the problem and are working on a replacement piece. I got ahold of two protypes and installed them. They work great.

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